MONTEPUEZ, MOZAMBIQUE, — President Filipe Nyusi of Mozambique has proposed that the question of natural disasters should be added to the curriculum of the Mozambican civic service, which is a complement to military service for young Mozambicans who cannot be recruited into the armed forces.

Speaking at ceremony in the Montepuez Training Centre, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, where a group of 537 civic service trainees took their oath on Friday, Nyusi suggested that the study of disasters and how to mitigate them should be introduced into the curriculum of the Montepuez training centre.

Mozambique has regularly experienced drought, floods and cyclones, and these meteorological phenomena may be worsening as a result of climate change.

This year, much of southern and central Mozambique has been hit by a severe drought, devastating crops and livestock, while parts of the northern provinces faced the opposite problem, with torrential rains leading to localized flooding.

Faced with cyclical natural disasters, and the warnings from environmentalists that the situation may deteriorate in the coming years, Nyusi said: “I would like this centre to consider the possibility of introducing the subject of natural disasters into the various training courses that are taught by the Civic Service, so that young people can make their contribution when the country is being struck by these phenomena.”

Training in natural disaster management should help the country be better prepared to cope with extreme events, which this year have affected al most all the countries of southern Africa.