The Mozambican and Zambian governments have signed two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in agriculture and energy, the latter of which envisages the construction of new power stations.

The MoUs were signed here Thursday, immediately after a meeting between Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi and his Zambian counterpart, Edgar Lungu, who was on a three-day state visit to Mozambique.

Speaking at a joint media conference later, Mozambican Foreign Minister Oldemiro Baloi said: “It is in the area of mineral resources that the question of energy takes on greatest importance. The closest project is the building of a coal-fired power station in Tete province capable of generating 1,200 megawatts (MW).”

Although no date has yet been fixed for the start of construction, Baloi said it would interconnect the Mozambican and Zambian electricity grids.

“It will be built with state of the art technology that will generate electricity that can be sold at a profit of 12 million dollars a year for our country,” he added.

As for agriculture, Baloi thought the existing co-operation between the two countries was positive, but with the new MoU, it would become more solid, guaranteeing increased impact of agriculture on the economies of both countries.

“There is a great stress on co-operation in the area of cashew but production but there is a great concern in following up what is most important in any product and trade, which is the value chain,” he added.

Zambian Foreign Minister Harry Kalabu expressed satisfaction at the fact that Mozambique had sent to Zambia 15,000 cashew seedlings. “The Mozambican authorities sent us these seedlings to encourage us to produce and export cashew nuts, and to create jobs,” he said.

During Lungu’s visit, the two presidents inaugurate a floating power station in the northern port of Nacala, which can generate 100 MW.

Source: AIM