Mozambique: Youth Council Funding to Be Cut

Maputo – The Mozambican government has warned the National Youth Council (CNJ) that it is considering reducing the government contribution to the CNJ budget by 10 per cent this year.

Cited by the independent television station STV, the Minister of Youth and Sport, Alberto Nkutumula, told a CNJ planning meeting that the money cut from the CNJ would be redirected to assisting the victims of this year’s natural disasters..

“This year has been characterized by drought in the south and centre of the country, and floods in the north”, said Nkutumula. “These are natural disasters that we are unable to avoid. Faced with these adversities, we are obliged to supplement the budget for these regions, because of the disasters”.

The CNJ was already finding it difficult to operate because of financial problems. This will be the second consecutive year in which the government has cut its contribution to the CNJ budget.

“Last year was atypical, because what we normally receive from the government was reduced by 50 per cent, which created some constraints for making our plan of activities fully operational”, said CNJ chairperson, Manuel Formiga.

Activities programmed for 2015 have thus been shifted into 2016 – only to find that this year too the funding has been cut.

Source: All Africa