Mozambique: Wave of Albino Murders in Mozambique

A United Nations independent expert will carry out a first visit to Mozambique next month prompted by the incessant killing of persons with albinism in the Southern African country.

About 20 albinos, including a murdered six-year-old, have been kidnapped or killed in Mozambique amid indications the figure could be higher because fear prevents victims from reporting the crimes to the authorities.

The violations have been particularly in the north of the country, due to the import from neighbouring Tanzania of the myth that the body parts of albinos have magical properties, and can be used in rituals that confer wealth and power.

“There has been a recent wave of attacks on persons with albinism in some provinces in Mozambique to which the Government has reacted by arresting and prosecuting alleged perpetrators in the framework of the multi-sectorial plan adopted in 2015 to ensure the protection of lives and physical integrity of persons with albinism,” said expert IkponwosaEro ahead of the visit.

Traditional healers, known as curandeiros, have been blamed for the violations against albinos.

AzevedoBaptista, Association of Mozambican Traditional Doctors spokesperson, denied the accusation.

During her two-week visit, the human rights expert will travel to Beira, Maputo, Nampula.

She will meet government officials, legislative and judicial members, local and provincial authorities,rights groups, civil society organisations, albinos and members of the diplomatic community.

Source: CAJ News Agency