MAPUTO The Mozambican police on Thursday arrested two people in the southern province of Gaza in possession of rhinoceros horns.

The two have been named as a 26 year old unemployed man, Henrique Chivambo, and a minibus fare collector, 19 year old Carlos Mongue.

Cited in Saturday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, the spokesperson for the Gaza Provincial Police Command, Jeremias Langa, said the two men were arrested when police searched the minibus they were travelling in as it was leaving the Gaza district of Massingir, heading for Maputo.

Chivambo and Mongue were found to be carrying two rhino horns, one weighing 9.5 kilos and the other 2.4 kilos, in a suitcase. Chivambo admitted that he was a poacher, and said he was taking the horns to a buyer in Maputo.

Langa said the police believed the horns had been hacked off a rhino poached in South Africa. Massingir district borders on South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

The two horns were deposited with the Gaza Provincial Directorate of Land, Environment and Rural Development, awaiting legal procedures prior to their incineration. The deposit of the horns was witnessed by Gaza prosecutors, members of the criminal investigation and natural resources police and other government officials.

Source: AIM