Mozambique: Total Wins Tender for Fuel Imports

Maputo — The French oil and gas company Total has won the tender for importing liquid fuels into Mozambique.

The tender, launched by the Mozambican Petroleum Importing Company (Imopetro) on 5 August, is for the import of about a million metric tonnes of refined petroleum products, to be distributed to the country’s three main ports, Maputo, Beira and Nacala. The tender takes effect as from November.

According to Imopetro general director Joao Macanja, Total won the tender because the prices it proposed were regarded as more favourable than those of its competitors.

Speaking to Radio Mozambique, Macanja said “based on the prices proposed by Total, the country will import petrol more cheaply, and diesel more cheaply”.

Under the arrangements proposed by Total, petrol will be eleven dollars a tonne cheaper, and diesel five dollars a tonne cheaper. Jet fuel would become slightly more expensive “but, in general, we can say the country is winning with this supplier”, said Macanja.

He added that Total’s sheer size guarantees reliability in terms of the quality of the products and meeting delivery deadlines.

The current supplier, the Saudi Arabia-based Sahara Petroleum, failed in its bid to renew its contract, which runs out in October.

Total should supply 1,015,000 tonnes of fuel – consisting of 680,000 tonnes of diesel, 275,000 tonnes of petrol and 60,000 tonnes of jet fuel. Once imported, the fuel is distributed by the 15 fuel distribution companies that are affiliated to Imopetro.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique