Mozambique: Three Injured in Manica Attack

Maputo – Three members of the Mozambican police force were injured in Monday’s attack by gunmen of the rebel movement Renamo against a provincial government convoy of vehicles in Barue district in the central province of Manica.

The three people injured were all members of the special police unit to protect high ranking figures (UPAI).

The government delegation, led by the Provincial Director of Labour, Mouzinho Carlos, who was representing Provincial Governor Alberto Mondlane, came under fire when it was returning to the provincial capital, Chimoio, after attending celebrations in the town of Catandica of the 99th anniversary of the Barue revolt against Portuguese colonial rule.

The spokesperson for the Manica Provincial Police Command, Leonardo Colher, told reporters in Chimoio on Tuesday that Renamo attacked the convoy at about 16.00, as it was negotiating a dangerous curve in the road.

Colher himself happened to see the attack, since he was in a routine patrol which caught up with the delegation on the road to Chimoio.

“Our unit had left Nhampassa and was on a normal patrol”, he said. “We met up with the government delegation and accompanied it, since it was going in the same direction. When we reached Namatema village, shots were heard, and three of our colleagues in UPAI were wounded”.

The three injured policemen are now undergoing medical treatment in Chimoio. Colher said they are all out of danger.

The police, he said, pursued the Renamo gang. “Right now, our colleagues are on the ground to identify the authors of the attack, and take them to justice”, he said.

Source: All Africa