Mozambique: Technical Training in Zambezi Valley Receives Boost

The Zambezi Valley Development Agency (ZVDA) is spending four million euros on technical and vocational training in the centre of the Mozambique through a grant from the government of the Netherlands.

The funds will be disbursed to seven technical schools in the Zambezi Valley in the provinces of Tete, Manica, Sofala and Zambezia teaching agricultural courses from basic to higher level.

According to ZVDA’s Nelson Antonio, the programme began last year and will be completed by 2019.

The initiative aims to contribute to sustainable improvements in the rural economy and food security through the integrated development of the seed sector. Nelson Antonio explained that the training will cover the production, inspection, and certification of seed in the valley.

The project will be a boost to rural extension services as the training will meet the demands of the labour market and generate self-employment in the agri-business sector. In addition, the initiative seeks to establish public-private partnerships to promote seed production by small-scale farmers.

According to Antonio, the programme will focus on strengthening the capacity of the seven colleges to ensure a strong relationship with local people. The training will be comprised of short courses with a focus on the transfer of technology.

He added that “we do not only want to benefit students. We intend also to give farmers in the valley the knowledge to increase the levels of productivity and production”.

As part of this initiative, on Monday ZVDA delivered resources to the faculty of agrarian science at the University of Zambezi (UniZambeze) and the Agricultural School of Chidzolomondo. Both of these are in located in the western province of Tete.

UniZambeze received a vehicle and computer equipment to enable it to deliver lectures to the local community about good agricultural practices. The Agricultural School of Chidzolomondo received a vehicle, plough, seed sower, sprayer and other material.

The delivery of this equipment was witnessed by the provincial governor, Paulo Auade, who welcomed the initiative and stated that it will help to increase agricultural productivity and production.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.