Mozambique: Security Guards Arrested for Robbing Train

The Mozambican police in the central province of Manica detained over the weekend six guards of a private security company who had robbed a trainload of wheat that they were supposed to be protecting.

The train, carrying a bulk cargo of wheat, set off from the port of Beira heading for Zimbabwe. The private security company (which was not named by the police) had the contract to escort the train from Beira to the border post of Machipanda.

The spokesperson for the Manica Provincial Police Command, Elcidia Filipe, said the theft occurred at night, in one of the less populated parts of Manica district, as the train was approaching the border. She did not say how much wheat was stolen by the security guards.

“There were six agents of a private security country who decided to remove some of the wheat which they had been entrusted with guarding”, said Filipe. “When the train reached Manica district, they began to loot the wheat. The police was informed and began investigations which culminated in these detentions”.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing in the provincial capital, Chimoio, Filipe said the police had also inspected 3,000 vehicles in the previous 72 hours. Of their drivers, six tested positive for excessive levels of alcohol in their blood.

Cracking down on drunk driving is part of a road safety campaign, which also involves raising awareness of safety measures among both motorists and pedestrians. The awareness campaigns are held in schools, markets, and other places where large numbers of people gather.

Source: All Africa