MAPUTO The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), an international organization focusing on getting children the poorest countries into school, has made about 58 million US dollars available to support the education sector in Mozambique.

The Executive Director of the GPE, Alice Albright, told journalists after she had called on Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario here Thursday that the GPE recently provided 57.7 million USD to strengthen the education system in Mozambique.

The GPE supports the education systems in developing countries, and Mozambique has been a member since 2003. Albright said that to date the GPE had made about 200 million USD available to this country.

Education Minister Jorge Ferrao said that in recent years these sums had been used to build schools, and to distribute school books, among other activities to strengthen education. He guaranteed that the new funds announced by Albright would be used for teacher training.

“We shall work hard on training teachers for pre-primary education. Right now, we have a pilot exercise which we began last year,” he said.

Under the pilot scheme, pre-primary education is being re-introduced into five provinces — y Nampula, Tete, Gaza, Maputo and Cabo Delgado.

Source: AIM