Mozambique: Public University Pays Undue Allowances

Maputo – Three managers in the publicly owned Pedagogic University, the largest institution of higher education in Mozambique, have received “leadership allowances” to which they are not entitled amounting to 1.12 million meticais (almost 24,000 US dollars, at current exchange rates), reports Friday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”.

The director of the university’s delegation in the city of Maxixe, in the southern province of Inhambane, Fr Ezio Bono, was approached by the three, and, on 5 February, he authorized the payments – 576,000 meticais for Benedito Cumbe, the deputy administrative director of the Maxixe delegation, 416,000 meticais for Antonio Mabota, former deputy director for research, extension and post-graduate work, and 128,000 meticais for Isabel Vilankulo, who succeeded Mabota in this post.

But Bono did not approach the university Vice-Chancellor before authorizing the payments. The Deputy Vice-chancellor for Administration, Carla Mabota, assured “Noticias” that the payments were illegal, and the beneficiaries will be obliged to return the money.

Not only were the payments not authorized by the Vice-Chancellor, but the three beneficiaries had never been definitively appointed to their positions.

The payments covered the period 2013-2015, and Bono thought it “unfair” that the three had been undertaking managerial tasks without receiving any “leadership allowance”. The three proposed that they be paid 16,000 meticais a month in allowances (the same allowance that the university’s educational director received)

16,000 meticais is more than five times the monthly minimum wage for workers in the public sector. The allowance of 16,000 meticais is reserved for the director of the delegation. His deputy should receive a “leadership allowance” of 11,000 meticais, and heads of department allowances of 7,000 meticais.

The three beneficiaries of the illicit payments have only been working at the university for three years. They will only be definitely confirmed in their posts after five years and until then have no claim to these allowances.

The allowances the three received were unauthorized and not in the university’s budget. Carla Mabota had no doubt that the money must be repaid.

Bono said he had authorized payment “as a matter of justice” since they had been working in managerial positions without receiving any allowances. He said he had used the Maxixe delegation’s own funds to pay the allowances.

The University’s top management in Maputo will meet with representatives of the Maxixe delegation next week to discuss the matter.

source: All Africa