Mozambique: Provincial Assemblies Sworn in

Maputo Mozambique’s ten provincial assemblies, elected on 15 October, took office on Friday.

The ruling Frelimo Party enjoys an absolute majority in all the assemblies – unlike the situation arising from the previous provincial elections in 2014, when the opposition dominated four of the assemblies.

There are 794 members of the assemblies. 628 of these (79 per cent) are from Frelimo. 156 members come from the main opposition party, Renamo, and only ten from the second opposition force, the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).

As a result, Frelimo members were elected to chair all ten assemblies. Each Assembly has a first and second deputy chairperson – usually a Frelimo member was elected as first deputy chairperson, and a Renamo member as the second deputy.

The southern province of Gaza was an exception – here 81 of the 82 Assembly members are from Frelimo and only one from Renamo. The former Deputy Minister of State Administration, Jose Tsambe, was elected chairperson, and has only one deputy, Xadreque Chauque, also of Frelimo.

Other prominent figures now chairing assemblies include Eduardo Mussanhane, in Inhambane province, who was formerly general director of the National Prison Service (SERNAP), and Antonia Charre, in Sofala, the former chair of the Social and Gender Affairs Commission of the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.

The heads of the Frelimo lists for the October provincial elections are now all provincial governors, and so can no longer sit in the Assemblies.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.