Mozambique: Police Rescue Kidnap Victim

The Mozambican police on Sunday night rescued a kidnap victim in Boane municipality, about 30 kilometres west of Maputo, shooting dead two of the kidnappers during the operation.

The woman victim, whose name was not revealed, was kidnapped in central Maputo on 2 June. The kidnappers held her prisoner for 17 days, first in Txumene, in the city of Matola, and then in the house in the Boane neighbourhood of Jonasse, where the police rescued her.

When journalists from the independent television station STV visited the house, one of the dead kidnappers lay at the entrance, still clutching a pistol. Inside the house was another gun, an AK-47 assault rifle, also used by the gang. Spent cartridges from the exchange of fire between the police and the kidnappers littered the floor.

The police arrested a woman found at the house who was guarding the victim. She, however, denied any responsibility, and blamed the kidnapping on her boyfriend, who was one of those shot by the police.

She said he had deceived her, by telling her he was involved in an illegal immigration racket, and that the kidnapped woman was an illegal immigrant. The police regard this story with skepticism, since the woman lives in the house in Txumene where the victim was first imprisoned.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique