Mozambique: Partners Provide 81 Million Dollars for Health Ministry

Maputo — To date, the cooperation partners of the Mozambican Health Ministry have disbursed 81 million US dollars out of the 100 million requested for activities to fight against the spread of the coronavirus that causes the Covid-19 respiratory disease.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, at the end of the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet), the government spokesperson, Deputy Justice Minister Filimao Suaze, said that, of this sum, 44 million dollars was in cash and 37 million dollars in kind.

He explained that, up to September, the total amount the government had received from its partners was 452 million dollars, of which 81 million dollars was earmarked for the health sector.

The total needed to cover the deficit in all sectors is around 700 million dollars, and Suaze claimed that the government’s partners have promised much more than this, over 800 million dollars.

He said the partners had noted “the transparency which has characterised the government’s performance”, and as a result “we are constantly winning and re-winning their trust”.

As of Tuesday, Mozambique had recorded 10,258 cases of Covid-19, and 73 people had died of the disease. Among those infected is Health Minister Armindo Tiago, who publicly announced that he has tested positive for the coronavirus, and is currently in home isolation.

Suaze urged all citizens to follow to the letter the Covid-19 prevention measures announced by the government. He believed these measures have prevented the spread of the virus “from reaching other levels”. The measures include frequent washing of hands, the obligatory wearing of masks in public places, avoiding crowds, restrictions on the number of people attending cultural and religious events, and a ban on bars and on the public consumption of alcohol.


Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique