Mozambique: One year after Cyclone Idai, humanitarian assistance is still urgent

One year on since Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique, leaving over 1.8 million people in dire need of assistance, OCHA’s Saviano Abreu met Hortencia, one of the first survivors he talked to just after the disaster. Living in the Mandruzi resettlement site, in Dondo, she is a clear example of how humanitarian assistance made it possible for thousands of people to put food on the table and survive.*

Almost one year ago, just few days after Cyclone Idai ripped into central Mozambique, I met Hortencia in one of the overcrowded schools where people who lost their houses were seeking refuge. Her smile and kindness contrasted with the horrific images of destruction I was seeing everywhere. At this point, we didn’t know the full extent of the damage, but it was already clear that hundreds of thousands of survivors would be depending on humanitarian aid to survive.

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Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs