Mozambique: Nyusi Launches Integrated Agricultural Survey

Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Tuesday launched in Maputo an Integrated Agricultural Survey, which will collect and process data on the value chain of agricultural activity, and food and nutritional security.

The survey will be carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in partnership with the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Nyusi stressed the importance of the survey, noting that reliable, good quality national statistics, made available in good time, are crucial for the country’s development efforts.

The availability of accurate statistics, he said, in addition to guiding the planning, implementation and assessment of development programmes, also helps the government take informed decisions, based on concrete data.

Such decisions, whether on public policies or private investment, should rest on evidence and robust, trustworthy data. “Hence statistics are an important vehicles for good governance”, said Nyusi.

He added that this will be the first time that an agricultural survey will allow the district level to possess a statistical benchmark with detailed and reliable data to support planning.

The President stressed the importance of agriculture, as the activity undertaken by the majority of the Mozambican population. Currently it accounts for 23 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), he continued, “and is fundamental for our economic growth, job creation, increased income, and elimination of hunger”.

The survey, Nyusi stressed, should be undertaken in accordance with good international practices, taking into account the planning norms and principles that are specific to the statistics sector.

The challenges that the survey brigades will face “should not constitute insuperable obstacles”, he said. “We call on you to work with dedication and commitment, facing the constraints with realism and as opportunities to develop more skills”.

He urged the brigades to behave in a disciplined and organised way and to show respect for the rural producers.

Nyusi warned them not to tamper with the data. “Avoid the falsification of data”, he said, “since that is a crime punishable by law”.

The Ministry and the INE, he said, should conduct the survey in the most transparent and professional manner possible, so as to confer greater legitimacy to the results.

The survey will cover 140 districts, and preliminary results are expected by mid-December.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique