Mozambique: Nyusi Calls for Greater Responsibility From Council of State

Maputo – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Friday called on members of the Council of State to show greater responsibility in the exercise of their duties, in order to ensure that the people are able to live in a country at peace and undergoing development.

He was speaking at a ceremony in Maputo at which 13 members of the Council of State were sworn into office. The Council is an advisory body to the President. It consists of the chairperson of the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, and any former chairperson; former Presidents of the Republic; the Prime Minister; the Chairperson of the Constitutional Council; the ombudsman; the runner-up in the last presidential elections; seven figures elected by the Assembly, and four chosen by the President.

Nyusi declared that achieving the people’s desires for peace and development presupposed an organisation of the state on the basis of the rule of law and of democracy, in a system of values in which citizens are the main beneficiaries of public policies.

“You are taking office”, he told the Council members, “at a time when our country on the one hand faces dramatic situations of drought and floods, and, on the other, we all face the challenges of consolidating an effective and lasting peace. Moments such as these impose added responsibilities on all of us, and particularly on members of this Council”.

Thos who were sworn is as members of the Council of State because of the offices they hold, or once held, were: Veronica Macamo, chairperson of the Assembly of the Republic; Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario, and former President Armando Guebuza.

In addition, three of the members appointed by Nyusi took office. They are the Mayor of Beira and leader of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), Daviz Simango, former defence minister Alberto Chipande, and former prime minister Alberto Vaquina.

Nyusi also swore in the seven members elected by the Assembly. Four of them were chosen by the parliamentary group of the ruling Frelimo Party – Deolinda Guezimane (a veteran of the Frelimo women’s detachment during the independence war), Anglican bishop Dinis Sengulane, Moslem cleric Saide Abibo, and Maria Massamba. The other three, chosen by the parliamentary group of the main opposition party, the rebel movement Renamo, are Antonio Pedro, Leovigildo Buanancasso, and Jeremias Pondeca.

Speaking to reporters after the ceremony, Guebuza declared “our President has just told us what our challenge is and we all know it – it is peace, harmony and development. So we shall work exactly to contribute to the attainment of

peace, to allow development and social harmony”.

Immediately after the ceremony, the Council of State held its first working meeting, chaired by Nyusi.

Source: EMM