Mozambique: Number of Active Covid-19 Cases Falls

Maputo — The number of active cases of the Covid-19 respiratory disease in Mozambique fell on Wednesday to 2,201, compared with 2,408 the previous day, according to a press release from the Ministry of Health.

The release said that, since the start of the pandemic, 194,196 people have been tested for the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, 1,861 of them in the previous 24 hours.

Of the samples tested, 958 were from Maputo city, 338 from Cabo Delgado, 196 from Maputo province, 130 from Zambezia, 89 from Sofala, 70 from Manica, 40 from Inhambane, 20 from Gaza, and 20 from Tete.

1,780 of the tests gave negative results, and 81 people tested positive for the coronavirus. This brings the number of positive cases reported in Mozambique, since the first case was diagnosed on 22 March, to 13,283. Of the new cases, 74 are Mozambicans, and seven are foreigners (from South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, India, Portugal, Australia and Vietnam).

51 of the cases are men or boys, and 30 are women or girls. Four are children under 15 years of age, and one is over 65 years old. No age information was given in two cases.

The great majority of the new cases – 50 – were from Maputo city. There were also ten from Cabo Delgado, eight from Tete, seven from Gaza, three from Maputo province, two from Zambezia and one from Inhambane.

The release said that, in line with standard Ministry of Health procedure, all the new cases are in home isolation, and their contacts are being traced.

In the same 24 hour period, one Covid-19 patient was discharged from hospital in Maputo city, but five new cases were admitted (four in Maputo and one in Zambezia). Currently, 58 people are under medical care in the Covid-19 isolation wards (55 in Maputo, one in Matola and two in Zambezia).

The Ministry also reported that a further 288 people have made a full recovery from Covid-19 (219 of them in Maputo city, 33 in Tete, 30 in Sofala, four in Niassa and two in Inhambane. This brings the total number of recoveries to 10,983 – which is 82.7 per cent of all people diagnosed with the coronavirus in Mozambique since the start of the pandemic.

The geographical distribution of the 2,201 currently active cases is as follows: Maputo city, 1,659; Maputo province, 201; Cabo Delgado, 160; Gaza, 54; Sofala, 39; Zambezia, 29; Manica, 20; Nampula, 11; Niassa, 11; Inhambane, nine; Tete, eight.

No deaths from Covid-19 were recorded in the last 24 hours, and so Mozambique’s Covid-19 death toll remains 95.


Maputo, 5 Nov (AIM) – The Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Wednesday passed unanimously the first reading of a government bill on the legal regime for the seizure of property and recovery of assets acquired illicitly.

Introducing the bill, the Minister of Justice, Helena Kida, said it “confirms the steps we are taking in order to show our commitment to fighting against all types of crimes”.

She stressed that justice will not become effective if punishment is reduced to prison terms, and the criminals do not suffer the loss of their assets in favour of the state or of their victims.

Kida estimated that, between 2016 and 2019, the Mozambican state lost over 2.664 billion meticais (about 37 million US dollars, at current exchange rates) through acts of corruption. The new bill would make it possible to claw back that money by confiscating assets from the criminals.

The bill, Kida said, guarantees “consistent and effective mechanisms” so that assets acquired illicitly will revert to the state.

The criminal activities that could give rise to the seizure of assets include corruption, trafficking in people, drugs and guns, terrorism, money laundering, tax fraud and loan sharking.

People who claim that their property was acquired legitimately will now have to prove how they obtained their assets.

The bill was not controversial, and was passed unanimously by deputies of the ruling Frelimo Party, and of the two opposition parties, Renamo and the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique