Mozambique: No International Debt Audit – President Nyusi

IMF and donor demands for an international forensic audit of the $2.3 bn in secret debt were rejected by President Filipe Nyusi on 24 July. He said the issue is being considered by two Mozambican sovereign institutions, parliament and the Attorney General’s office (Procuradoria-Geral da Republica, PGR), and that is sufficient. (O Pais 25 July)

Parliament on 26 July set up its commission to investigate the secret loans. The committee was to have 10 Frelimo, 6 Renamo and 1 MDM – in proportion to parliament seats. But Renamo voted against and will not take up its seats on the ground that such an inquiry cannot be credible if it is dominated by Frelimo. The chair is Eneas Comiche, an MP and former finance minister. He is highly respected and was not allowed by Frelimo to stand again as mayor of Maputo in 2008 because he was too honest. But several members of the commission are pro-Guebuza Frelimo hardliners, including deputy chair Edson Macuacua. The MDM named Vena?ncio Mondlane. The commission must report by 30 November.

The Attorney General’s office (PGR) announced on 14 July that the secret loans were in violation of the budget law, and thus are a “criminal offense in the form of abuse of office.” Because of the complexity of the case, the PGR will bring in both national and international experts to investigate the loans.

Source: Mozambique News Reports & Clippings.