Mozambique: New Inhambane Governor Sworn Into Office

Maputo – Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday swore into office the new governor of the southern province of Inhambane, Daniel Chapo, and urged him to adopt innovative and sustainable solutions to deal with the drought currently hitting the province.

Like the rest of southern Mozambique is in the drip of a severe drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon. This is the anomalous warming of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean, which affects weather systems across the planet. In southern Africa it brings drought.

Nyusi challenged Chapo to find creative means of managing rationally the resources at his disposal, in order to comply with the undertakings given by the government, and respond to the day-to-day problems of the local people.

“This ceremony is part of the continual process of ensuring that the structures of governance guarantee that the promises made are kept”, said Nyusi. “With this act, it is intended that Inhambane will continue to advance firmly towards development, and the establishment of well-being for the population”.

He added that, in accepting his new job, Chapo is promising to defend the values, principles, norms and vision of the government for the growth and development of Mozambique

Nyusi said that Chapo should contribute to the consolidation of an effective peace, and thus avoid the loss of lives, caused by the attacks perpetrated by the gunmen of the rebel movement Renamo.

“Nothing justifies taking the life of a fellow countryman as an instrument of pressure or negotiations to obtain power”, said the President.

He pointed to the exodus of several thousand Mozambicans from Tete province into Malawi as one result of Renamo’s resort to violence. “We have Mozambicans who are in Malawi citing atrocities resulting from armed attacks as their motive”, he said. “The Mozambican government has been interacting at the highest level with the Malawian government. Internally we are taking measures to ensure that violence and fear do not reign among the public”.

For his part, Chapo told reporters that he accepted the challenge of continuing the “excellent work” done by his predecessor, Agostinho Trinta.

“We shall find solutions, we shall find strategies to continue developing Inhambane province”, he said. “We have the strategic plans, and there is already a large team of state employees there whom I shall join so that we continue developing the province in tourism, agriculture, infrastructures and water supply. Right now we face a huge challenge in dealing with the drought”

Trinta is leaving Inhambane because last month the Central Committee of the ruling Frelimo Party elected him to its Secretariat.

Frelimo has decided that members of the Secretariat should be full time and must therefore leave any posts they may hold in the state apparatus.

Before his appointment as provincial governor, Chapo was administrator of Nacala-a-Velha district in the northern province of Nampula.

Source: All Africa