Mozambique: National Minimum Wage Could Be Adjusted in April

Maputo – The CTA warned this week that the country’s economy and salaries could be affected by the current national situation characterized by drought, floods, political and military tension and the decline of the metical against the dollar.

The alert was launched in Maputo by the CTA’s vice president, Rui Monteiro, at the end of the first plenary session of the Consultative Labour Commission (CCT), which took stock of the economic and social performance of 2015 and will provide bases for the salary adjustment in Mozambique.

The national minimum wage is adjusted annually with effect from April 1.

According to Monteiro, the tension could retract carriers and affect tourism activity, while natural disasters also influence economic growth forecasts.

The CTA’s vice president added that in 2015, the country faced problems because of the international situation, which could redouble in the current year.

The decline of the metical has changed the structure of economic activity. The purchasing power of the majority of Mozambicans could start to drop dramatically, exacerbating poverty, said the representative of the Organization of Workers of Mozambique-Union Center, Helena Ferro.

Source: All Africa