Mozambique: ‘Mozambique Ambush’ Bodies in Rotten State, Repatriated to Malawi

Four bodies who were shot on 23rd April, 2016, by unknown gunmen in the district of Catandica district in Mozambique have finally been repatriated to Malawi in a decomposed state as embalming delayed.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Rejoice Chaponda confirmed the repatriation of the four bodies saying the Mozambique ambush victims have been repatriated through Mwanza boarder enroute to Mangochi for burial.

To avoid a second trauma to the families as well as public health considerations, officials discourages all families from viewing the mortal remains.

Chaponda said the Mozambique shooters were “in military attire”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Francis Kasaira said Lilongwe received communication from their Mozambique counterparts in Maputo, informing that 24 Malawians travelling to South Africa, on 23 rd April, 2016, were attacked by unknown gunmen in the district of Catandica.

Kasaira said the attack resulted in the death of four people, while three (3) were severely wounded.

He said the the group, which was travelling to South African registered their vehicle, through Barue in Catandica District of Mozambique.

Seventeen survivors of the shooting incident returned home, on 30th April, 2016, through Mwanza border while the three that were injured were hospitalized in Chomoio.

Kasaila said his government has “requested Mozambique to investigate and provide an official report on the incident that led to the deaths of four innocent Malawians”.

Mozambique has not reacted to the Malawi request.

The main road from Chimoio to Tete city and on to Malawi runs through Barue where vehicles have frequently come under attack from suspected gunmen of Mozambique’s main opposition Renamo party.

Kasaila advised Malawians travelling to South Africa to avoid taking the route through Mozambique because of the clashes between government security forces and Renamo.

The shortest land route from Malawi to South Africa is through Mozambique while the alternative route, through Zambia and Zimbabwe, is much longer.

Source: Nyasa Times