Mozambique: Mozambican Arrested With 3.2 Million Dollars of Heroin

Maputo – The South African police have arrested a Mozambican citizen, whose name has not yet been released, for smuggling heroin worth an estimated 50 million rands (about 3.2 million US dollars).

According to South African press reports, this is one of the biggest seizures of illicit drugs in the country’s history.

The seizure occurred on Sunday when police stopped what they regarded as a suspicious Toyota Prado vehicle at the Nkomazi toll gate, on the N4 motorway in Mpumulanga province. A policeman and a sniffer dog inspected the car, and the dog reacted positively to one of the Toyota’s two fuel tanks.

Police spokesperson Gerald Sedibe said that this tank had been disconnected.

When the tank was removed and opened it was found to contain bags of “pure Afghani heroin”.

“The car was coming from Mozambique and heading towards Gauteng province”, said Sedibe. The Mozambican driver of the Toyota has been arrested, and was due to appear before the magistrate’s court in the South African town of Barberton.

Source: All Africa