Mozambique: Ministers Urged to Value Their Staff

Maputo Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday urged members of his new government to value and learn from their staff, “using all their capacities and intelligence so that they become part of the solution to the country’s problems”.

He was speaking as he swore into office the new Minsters of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Nyeleti Mondlane, of State Administration and the Public Service, Ana Comoana, and of Culture and Tourism, Etelvina (“Kika”) Materula.

“Look at every worker, regardless of how quiet he may be, and see if you can work with and learn from them”, Nyusi urged. “Turn criticism into an object of work, and a reason for reflecting better on any decision. Involve your workers in building solutions for our country. From my part, you can expect full support”.

He told Comoana that her Ministry should ensure that state employees benefit regularly from the promotions and other administrative acts to which they are entitled “because the results we want depend heavily on motivated employees”.

One of Comoana’s immediate responsibilities, Nyusi said, was to ensure the training of state officials directly involved in implementing the package of decentralisation measures approved by the Mozambican parliament last year.

“You must follow the establishment of the decentralised structures, and avoid any collisions, taking measures to mitigate their impact if they occur”, he added.

As for the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Nyusi said all measures should be taken “to build the capacity of people in situations of vulnerability, so that they become independent and useful for themselves, their families and their community. Given the immense expectations placed in this Ministry, is leaders should be proactive and creative in seeking solutions to the challenges raised”.

Turning to Materula, the President said that cultural activity should become a productive sector, “without neglecting its role as a catalyst for the promotion of our identity”.

“Tourism based on culture and on nature should be one of our main methods for empowering communities”, he added.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique