Mozambique: Mediators Invited to Govt/Renamo Dialogue

The Joint Commission formed between the Mozambican government and the opposition party Renamo on Wednesday confirmed that the government has, as promised, invited international mediators to participate in the government/Renamo dialogue.

The Joint Commission was formed to prepare a face-to-face meeting between President Filipe Nyusi and Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama. But Renamo insisted on the presence of mediators, and when it became clear that no meeting with Dhlakama would take place without mediators, Nyusi accepted the demand.

The mediators suggested by Renamo are the European Union, the Catholic Church and South African President Jacob Zuma.

At the end of Wednesday’s meeting of the Commission, its spokesperson, Renamo parliamentarian Jose Manteigas, said “our counterparts in the government announced that they have sent the invitations to the mediators. Although they have expressed their openness, they have not yet replied officially to the invitation”.

Manteigas added that the Commission has reached consensus about the terms of references for the group of mediators. The meeting also discussed how the Joint Commission will function, now that it has doubled in size.

The commission started life with just six members, three from the government and three from Renamo. But, at Dhlakama’s insistence, another three members from each side have been added, pushing the membership of the Commission up to 12.

Although the government has repeatedly insisted that the Nyusi-Dhlakama meeting should take place as soon as humanly possible, there is still no date for the meeting. Meanwhile, the Renamo militia has continued to stage ambushes on the main roads in the central provinces. Between Saturday and Monday there were three attacks in Sofala province and one in Manica.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.