Mozambique: Matavel Murder – State Must Pay Compensation

Maputo — The lawyer for the family of murdered civil society activist Anastacio Matavel, Flavio Menete, on Thursday insisted that the Mozambican state must compensate the family.

He was speaking at the Gaza provincial court in the city of Xai-Xai, where the prosecution and defence summed up their cases in the trial of seven people accused of the murder.

Matavel, who was the executive director of the Gaza Forum of NGOs (FONGA), was gunned down in broad daylight in Xai-Xai. On 7 October, by a death squad consisting of five members of the Special Operations Group (GOE) of the Mozambican police.

We know who they all were, because their getaway car was involved in a major traffic accident as it sped away from the scene of the crime. Two of the assassins, Nobrega Chauque and Martins Wiliamo, died in the crash. Two others, Edson Silica (who had been driving the car) and Euclidio Mapulasse, were arrested, while the fifth Agapito Matavele, escaped and is currently a fugitive.



Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique