Mozambique: Malaysian Experts Receive Aircraft Debris

The Mozambique National Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) on 7 March handed over a piece of aircraft debris to team of Malaysian experts, who hope to establish whether it comes from the missing Malaysian flight, MH370.

The fragment is thought to come from a horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft tail. It was discovered on a sandbank on Bazaruto Island, off the coast of Inhambane province.

The MH370 Boeing 777 vanished from the radars on 8 March 2014. It was on a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

When asked about the piece of debris, IACM Chairperson Joao de Abreu cautioned against jumping to the conclusion that it comes from MH370. He stressed the importance of establishing what kind of aircraft it was from.

If it is established beyond doubt that the fragment comes from a Boeing 777, then it must be from MH370, since no other Boeing 777 is missing.

According to a report in the independent daily “O Pais”, the three experts who received the fragment are from the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority, Malaysian Airlines, and the body investigating the disappearance of MH370.

So far the only piece of debris from MH370 recovered is a fragment of a wing that washed up on a beach on Reunion Island in July

Source All Africa