Mozambique: Malawians in Bated Breath As Mozambique Peace Talks Start in Earnest

Malawians are hoping for the positive outcome as the Mozambique opposition Renamo and ruling party Frelimo have started their peace talks following skimirshes that has cost over a dozen lives of Malawians.

Renamo has been engaged in violent armed ambushes as it waged a guerilla war against the government forces following the defeat of Renamo leader Alfonso Dhlakama by the ruling Philipe Nyusi at the ballot box last year.

However, mediators, who include European representative, Catholic church and South Africa representatives have kicked off the talks last week.

Over Friday, the mediators asked for more time to get through the proposals from both the sides, according to BBC Focus on Africa.

President Nyusi asked the mediators to work on the proposals and recommendations taking into account the country’s Republican Constitution and legislation.

Dlhakama wants to rule in six provinces he won during the election.

The country has 11 provinces.

The mediators are working in disarming the rebel army and integratig the rebels into the government army and civilian life as a lasting solution to the armed insurgency.

The Mozambican skirmishes is choking Malawi economy as the land locked country depends on the sea coastal nation for importing and exporting goods including importing fuel.

At least four fuel tankers have been torched in Mozambique since the escalation of the armed conflict.

Source: Nyasa Times