Mozambique: Labour Minister Bans South African From Working

Maputo – Mozambican Labour Minister Vitoria Diogo has banned a South African manager, Johannes de Waal, from working in Mozambique because of his ill-treatment of Mozambican workers and his racist attitude towards them.

De Waal was the general trainer in Maputo Province of the Capital Outsourcing Group, a South African based comany that recruits temporary staff for a wide range of enterprises.

According to a Monday press release from the Labour Ministry, his behaviour was investigated by the General Inspectorate of Labour (IGT), which found that he humiliated Mozambican workers, and addressed them in racist terms – such as by calling them “pretos” (blacks), rather than by their names. (The Portuguese word “preto” does indeed mean black, but it is regarded as derogatory when used of human beings).

He is also accused of disobeying the labour authorities, when they sent staff to the company to intervene in a dispute between De Waal and the Mozambican authorities. He allegedly declared that Mozambican leaders are “corrupt, wretched and stupid”. He claimed that whites come to work in Mozambique because they are intelligent, “which doesn’t happen with the blacks, since they are lazy”.

Confronted with these accusations, De Waal admitted that his behaviour had been aggressive and hurtful. He claimed that this was because of “social problems” he was facing.

This did not convince Diogo to change her mind – particularly since De Waal had been warned about his behaviour in the past.

The ban on De Waal working in Mozambique takes immediate effect. The Labour Ministry has contacted the immigration authorities and De Waal must now leave the country.

Source: All Africa