Mozambique: Kits Distributed to Disaster Victims in Nampula

Maputo – Mozambique’s relief agency, the National Disasters Management Institute (INGC), on Saturday distributed 27 kits, consisting mostly of hygiene and shelter items, to households affected by the torrential rains and mudslides that hit the northern city of Nampula over the past week.

The 27 households are among those whose flimsy homes were swept away in the rains.

Two people lost their lives in the storms, and the authorities have been attempting to carry out a survey on the real number of people affected by the disaster. This task is not helped by the damage done to roads in Nampula. In parts of the city already severely affected by erosion movement by people and vehicles between one area and another has become even more difficult.

The INGC delegate in Nampula, Virginia Malauene, said that a provisional survey by INGC staff showed that 31 houses had been destroyed. “The survey is continuing to show us what the real situation on the ground is”, she continued. “For now, we are providing family kits, consisting of blankets and hygiene products for the households affected”.

The beneficiaries, while expressing thanks for the INGC’s support, have stressed that they need more aid, particularly bamboo and other construction material so that they can rebuild their houses.

In February, the INGC warned communities to remove themselves and their property from flood prone areas, because the weather forecast indicated heavy rains for Nampula. The forecasters were right, and some of those who ignored the INGC advice are now paying the price.

Source: All Africa