Mozambique: IMF head says Mozambique is ‘Clearly Concealing Corruption’

In a little noticed interview last week on the BBC radio programmeWoman’s Hour, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said that in keeping loans secret, the Mozambique government is “clearly concealing corruption.” Thus Lagarde said on the record what donors and lenders have so far only been willing to say in private: that some money from the secret loans has been used corruptly. It also makes clear that the IMF team visiting next month will no longer simply accept statements from the government, and will demand to do its own audit.

Lagarde’s full statement on Woman’s Hour was: “When we put in place a programme with a country, we look at corruption. We look at what reforms could improve the corruption level. When we see a country and a programme with the IMF where international community money is committed, that is not respecting its financial disclosure engagement, which is clearly concealing corruption, we suspend the programme. We did that just recently with Mozambique.”

Source: Mozambique News Reports & Clippings