Mozambique / Idai: National Emergency Programme enters new stage

This was said Thursday night by President Filipe Nyusi after a meeting in Beira with several humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations, 15 days after cyclone Idai hit the region.

At the meeting, the Mozambican head of state said, humanitarian aid consists of five main pillars, namely food aid, medical assistance, assistance with property and shelter, assistance with water supply and assistance with water and sanitation and environment.

In his view, the return to normal life in the affected regions requires redirecting aid to agricultural inputs and building materials, among others. “Vulnerable families, pregnant women and orphans in shelters will continue to receive help,” said Philip Nyusi.

On the other hand, he announced measures to mitigate the social impact on affected families in this central region, for example, by suspending or reducing public sector health, transportation and energy costs.

Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi caused at least 786 deaths and affected 2.9 million people, according to United Nations agencies.

Mozambique was the worst affected country, with 468 dead and 1,522 wounded so far, according to Mozambican authorities, mentioning another more than 135,000 people living in shelters, especially in camps in the Beira region.

Source: Angola Press News Agency