Mozambique: House of Alleged Murderer Burnt Down

Maputo – An angry crowd in the western Mozambican province of Tete on Friday burnt down a house and destroyed a car belonging to a man accused of murdering a nine year old girl and extracting her body parts.

The man, 40 year old Jordao David, lives in Cuchamano, on the border with Zimbabwe. The crowd accused him of purchasing the girl (who was not named), and then later murdering her for her body parts, that were to be used in macabre black magic rituals.

The girl’s body was discovered in the bush. Her mother, 27 year old Chamisso Mabanda, a Zimbabwean citizen resident in Cuchamano, confessed that she had sold her daughter to David for 50,000 meticais (slightly less than a thousand dollars). But she had not yet received the money – she said the buyer promised to pay after his business deal with the dead girls’ body parts had been successful.

The police threw both Mabunda and David into the cells, but the crowd claimed that David was allowed to sleep at home, returning to his cell in the morning. No such semi-freedom was granted to Mabunda, which aroused suspicions that David had bribed the police.

A member of the crowd that sacked David’s house told reporters “we think it strange to see this citizen, accused by the mother of killing her child, leaving the cell at nights and returning in the mornings. Why does the other person detained not benefit from the same freedom?”

“So we decided to destroy his property, because he uses the car to kidnap children, and the house because it’s where he keeps the body parts he removes from the corpses”, added this man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, because he feared reprisals.

He said this was the second time Jordao David had been arrested. The first was in late 2015, when he was suspected of selling human body parts to Malawian citizens.

“Then too he was allowed to sleep at home, and later he was released for lack of evidence”, he said. This man claimed that David had recently shown inexplicable signs of wealth.

Contacted by telephone, the head of the Cuchamano police post, Victor Lino, confirmed the attack on the house and car, but declined to go into details.

“We are still working on the matter”, he said. “Later we shall inform journalists of what happened”.

SOURCE: Mozambique News Agency