Mozambique: Foreign Workers Must Possess Relevant Qualifications

Maputo – Mozambican Labour Minister Vitoria Diogo declared on Friday that foreign workers must possess the relevant academic and professional qualifications, if they are to work in Mozambique.

Speaking in Maputo at a seminar on “Chinese companies and labour questions in Mozambique”, Diogo stressed that foreigners can only be admitted to work places when there are no Mozambicans with the required qualifications, or there are not enough of them.

Data from the Labour Ministry indicate that in 2015 inspectors found that 1,182 foreigners were being employed illegally, and they were suspended from their posts.

Diogo stressed that when recruiting workers, employers must establish the conditions for including skilled Mozambicans in jobs of the greatest technical complexity, and in administrative positions in the company.

They must also guarantee that expatriates work with Mozambicans to transmit their knowledge and experience. “The rules on this matter, specifically those laid down in the Labout Law, are clear”, she said.

Diogo stressed the importance of “social dialogue” inside companies, “since we know that the interests of workers and employers do not always coincide”. She encouraged the creation of spaces where both employers and workers can express their needs, participate in decision taking, and influence the final decisions.

She called for workplace mediation to find amicable solutions to any conflicts which emerge, and argued that mediation leads to workplace peace and stability.

For his part, Chinese ambassador, Sun Jian, stressed that in recent years, cooperation between Mozambique and China has greatly increased, and consequently there has been a flow of Chinese companies into Mozambique.

He recognized the difficulties Chinese companies face in interpreting Mozambican labour legislation, but claimed “we are overcoming the various difficulties of language and culture. We believe that in this seminar we shall increase still further knowledge about labour laws and issues”.

Sun declared that the Chinese companies operating in Mozambique are helping to create a good business environment.

The ambassador said the main foci of Chinese interest in Mozambique were infrastructures, the training of human resources, and financial support. Of these, “the most essential in our cooperation is the training of human resources”, he stressed.

60 Chinese companies are participating in the seminar.

Source: All Africa