Mozambique: Force of Arms Must Not Be Used for Political Goals

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi declared on Saturday, in Metuge district, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, that war and the force of arms must not be used to achieve political goals.

Addressing a rally in Metuge, Nyusi said the message he has brought is that dialogue must be prioritised to solve problems, and that Mozambicans must forgive each other.

“The message I am bringing to this province is that Renamo must be disarmed because the Mozambican people do not want war and killing”, he added. “They want peace to reign among all Mozambicans”.

The government, he promised, will continue to give opportunities to all so that conflicts do not occur and social justice is installed. He stressed that decentralisation will continue to bring the people ever closer to power.

It was under the government’s decentralisation approach, Nyusi said, that relatively new districts had been created in Cabo Delgado, such as Balama and Namuno. This exercise was being carried out across the country.

“A further example of this is the creation of municipalities which take important decisions for local life”, Nyusi added. “In the past we only had the national parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, but today we also have the Provincial Assemblies. This is a gradual process that we are undertaking. We make mistakes and we correct them. It’s not necessary to use guns”.

Mozambicans, he insisted, need to unite and live in harmony. Peace was a requirement so that people could work and develop the country.

“We have brothers, in the centre of the country, who are not living at ease”, the President continued. “When they go to sleep, they do not know what awaits them during the night, because at any moment they may be attacked. These brothers of ours also cannot travel at will for fear of being attacked by the gunmen of Renamo”.

The fact is, Nyusi continued, that there are Mozambicans who attack their brothers and destroy trucks carrying merchandise. “They prevent free circulation in Muxungue (on the main north-south highway, in the central province of Sofala) and at night, people are killed”.

Nyusi recognised that Mozambique is going through a difficult economic period, which he blamed on the country “importing more than it sells, which means it is consuming what it does not produce”.

“Money is short, the country has debts, the prices of our export products have fallen on the world market, in the south it has not rained, and in the north it rained too much, and production was affected by the excessive rain”, he said.

To deal with such problems, Nyusi added, production must be diversified and expenditure reduced “so that we can have the money to build more schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and dams”.

Soure: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.