Mozambique: Follow Teachings of Mondlane, Urges Nyusi

Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Saturday urged all Mozambicans to follow the teachings and the legacy of Eduardo Mondlane, the founder and first president of the Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo), widely regarded as the founder of Mozambican nationalism and the architect of national unity.

He was speaking on the day that would have been Mondlane’s 100th birthday, at his birthplace, the village of Nwadjahane, in the southern province of Gaza.

Murdered in Tanzania by the Portuguese political police, the PIDE, on 3 February 1969, Mondlane never saw the independent Mozambique for which he dedicated his life.

National unity, peace, democracy, citizenship, transparent and inclusive governance and determination were the noble values that Mondlane taught, said Nyusi. He showed no greed or egoism in the long struggle to achieve an independent and sovereign country.

If Eduardo Mondlane were alive today, added Nyusi, “he would certainly be celebrating his 100th birthday with us as a happy man. The country which he fought to liberate from colonialism is independent”.

Mondlane had become the teacher in the struggle for independence, he said. His humanism and his sincerity were among the qualities which had made him a leader. He would always be venerated by Mozambicans.

Although he had died before independence, Nyusi continued, he had laid the foundations so that his genius would not die with him. “We are evoking him, because he knew that, although he might die, his dream would not die with him”, he declared.

Those who assassinated Mondlane were unable to finish off “his immortal dreams”, because they had become embodied in each one of his comrades, and in all Mozambicans.

“He taught us that you can kill a man, but you cannot kill a people”, added Nyusi. “They killed him, but here we are continuing his dream, continuing his humanitarian work”.

He recognised that Mozambique faces many challenges, but guaranteed that “we shall win and we shall achieve final victory”.



Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.