Mozambique: Epidemiological Survey Begins in Matola

Maputo — The Mozambican Health Ministry on Monday launched an epidemiological survey in the southern city of Matola, in an attempt to gain a better understanding of the spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease in the city.

This is the sixth such survey – the previous surveys were held in Nampula, Pemba, Maputo, Quelimane and Tete.

The survey uses a simple blood test. This does not show whether the person tested is currently infected with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, but it does show whether there are coronavirus antibodies in his bloodstream, which is evidence that he has been in contact with the virus.

The study hopes to cover over 8,000 people in the 42 Matola neighbourhoods. In addition to random testing of households, the survey will look specifically at professional groups thought to be at particular risk of contracting Covid-19, such as market sellers, health workers and transport operators.

The Secretary of State for Maputo province, Vitoria Diogo, launched the survey at Maputo provincial hospital in Matola, where she stressed the importance of the study in fighting the disease and preventing its spread.

“The launch of the epidemiological survey in Matola, capital of our province, shows our commitment to continue actions to block the spread of this global virus, which is causing mourning throughout the planet, and compromising the aspirations of humanity”, said Diogo.

She said the study is important for discovering new foci of transmission of the coronavirus, which will help the health sector draw up better strategies for dealing with the pandemic.

“It is important to stress, that, by agreeing to participate and to host this survey, we as a province we shall have the advantage of knowing the real situation of the coronavirus, which will allow us to implement sound measures that help to mitigate or reverse the situation”, Diogo added.

Maputo province is the second most affected province in the country (after Maputo city). Since the start of the pandemic, 917 cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed in the province, the majority of them in Matola.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique