Mozambique: EDM Negotiating More Power From Cahora Bassa

Maputo — Mozambique’s publicly owned electricity company, EDM, is negotiating with Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB), the company that operates the Cahora Bassa dam on the Zambezi river, for the purchase of an extra 150 megawatts of Cahora Bassa power.

Cited by Wednesday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, the chairperson of the EDM board, Marcelino Alberto, said that currently HCB provides EDM with 30 megawatts of firm power, and 200 megawatts of “non-firm” power. The difference is that firm power is supplied throughout the year, regardless of the hydrological cycle or events such as the occurrence of drought (which lowers the level of water in the Cahora Bassa reservoir). “Non firm” power, however, depends on the availability of water.

Alberto told reporters “HCB is our primary supplier of power”. Talks were under way for the extra 150 megawatts. He described the negotiations as good “and the two companies will deepen their analysis of the proposal”.

EDM needs the extra power to increase the availability of electricity for its domestic clients, and also to export to the region.

The Cahora Bassa power station has an installed capacity of 2.075 megawatts. But 1,500 megawatts are committed to the South African electricity company, ESKOM, under a long term agreement.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique