Mozambique: Cyclone Chalane in Mozambique Channel

Maputo — Tropical cyclone Chalane entered the Mozambique Channel on Monday morning, after crossing Madagascar.

Spending two days over land weakened the cyclone, but it did not dissipate, although it was downgraded from a cyclone to a depression. Over open water, however, it will now intensify. According to the Joint Cyclone Warning Centre (JTWC), operated by the United States navy, on its entry into the Mozambique Channel, the cyclone was generating winds of 35 knots (65 kilometres an hour), with gusts of 45 knots.

Chalane is now heading directly west, on a course that will bring it to the Mozambican coast on Wednesday morning. The JTWC forecasts that it will make landfall near Beira, with a wind speed of 120 kilometres an hour.

The Mozambican National Meteorology Institute (INAM) warns of heavy rains (100 millimetres in 24 hours) in Beira, in all of southern Sofala, and in much of the neighbouring province of Manica, including the provincial capital, Chimoio.

Rains of over 50 millimetres in 24 hours are expected in the northern parts of Sofala and Manica, in most of Zambezia, and in the northern districts of Inhambane.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique