Mozambique: Containers Full of Logs Seized

Maputo — The Mozambican authorities in Dondo district in the central province of Sofala have seized 50 containers full of logs, which were apparently about to be exported illegally from the country.

According to the independent television station STV, a routine inspection, involving staff of the Sofala provincial environment directorate , and of the forestry and wildlife services, discovered the containers in the yard of a Chinese-owned company, Afanti Trading.

The containers held logs of sandalwood and black chacate trees. The authorities believe the company intended to export the wood to China, in violation of Mozambican legislation which prohibits the export of unprocessed logs, in order to force logging companies to process at least some of their timber in Mozambique, thus promoting local industrialisation and employment.

The amount of logs in the containers is estimated at 700 cubic metres. The wood was logged in various parts of central Mozambique. To reach Dondo, the containers must have been driven for hundreds of kilometres and through several inspection points – where none of the wardens noticed anything wrong.

Afanti Trading has been fined 500,000 meticais (7,245 US dollars, at current exchange rates). The timber now reverts to the state, and it will be sold at a public auction.


Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique