Mozambique: Association of Attorneys Plans to Sue Police

Maputo – Mozambique’s National Association of Attorneys of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, according to a report on Radio Mozambique, has announced that its is launching criminal proceedings against those members of the police force who detained an attorney at Maputo airport last Tuesday.

The attorney in question, Benedita Langa, was attempting to prevent the deportation of a Spanish citizen, Eva Moreno, who was accused of involvement in an illegal demonstration on 18 March.

Moreno’s lawyers challenged the legality of the deportation order, and contacted the Maputo branch of the Attorney-General’s Office. Langa went to the airport and found that the police could show her no document at all justifying the deportation.

She thus ordered the immediate release of Moreno. But not only did the police disobey this direct order but when Langa insisted, the police manhandled and detained her. It took the intervention of the Maputo Chief Attorney to secure her release, and by that time Moreno had been deported.

The Chairperson of the Association of Attorneys, Nelia Correia, said that the deportation was illegal, and so was the detention of Langa. She said that Langa had found that the police were throwing the Spaniard out of the country on the basis of a verbal order. “In itself, this is a clear violation of the law”, she told reporters.

The Association thus intends to bring the police officers involved in the incident to justice. It seems that this is quite independent of the inquiry into the matter which the Attorney-General’s Office has ordered. The report from this inquiry must be presented later this week.

Source: All Africa