Mozambique announces end of cyclone rescue operations

“After 15 days of intense search and rescue activity, national and international teams have completed the rescue phase of all people on rooftops of houses, trees or in isolated areas,” said Nyusi in the city of Beira, in the central region of the country, the epicenter of the climatic disaster.

“The teams on the ground remain attentive and ready to intervene when the situation demands,” added the president of Mozambique.

According to Nyusi, 135,000 people had been rescued, mainly in the districts of Sussundenga, Nhamatanda and Dondo.

The announcement was released a day after the country’s government confirmed five cases of cholera in the city of Beira. The presence of contaminated water and the lack of products to purify it led to the emergence of humanitarian crises.

Cyclone Idai struck the city of Beira on March 14 and also hit Zimbabwe and Malawai. In total, more than 700 people died in all three countries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency