Mozambique: 37 Terrorists Killed in Run-Up to Christmas

Maputo — The Mozambican defence and security forces killed 37 terrorists and seized 21 firearms from them in the northern province of Cabo Delgado during the week prior to Christmas, according to the general commander of the police force, Bernadino Rafael.

Speaking on Friday, during a visit to a unit of the Mozambican forces stationed in the Cabo Delgado district of Macomia, Rafael said that, over the same period the defence and security forces had destroyed 17 boats, three vehicles, ten motorcycles and nine bicycles, along the coast which had formed part of the terrorists’ logistics.

Rafael referred to rumours circulating in the province that the jihadists intended to attack Macomia town again on Christmas Day itself. In response to this threat, Rafael urged the Mozambican forces to fight with determination in compliance with the orders given by their Commander-in-Chief, President Filipe Nyusi.

“If they try to come in here, they should find a response from you, as they have found before”, declared Rafael, cited by Radio Mozambique.

He took the opportunity to transmit to the forces a massage for the festive season, that Nyusi has addressed to all soldiers and police fighting in the two operational theatres – against the islamist terrorists in the north, and against the dissident: “Renamo Military Junta” in the centre of the country.

Rafael also announced that a large number of police agents will be promoted in ceremonies due to be held on 29 December.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique.