Mozambican Workers’ Organization rejects proposal of wage cutting

MAPUTO – The Mozambican Workers’ Organization (OTM) said here on Tuesday that the cutting of wages as an austerity measure will lead the economy to an unprecedented recession.

The OTM was responding to the proposal by the Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) of Mozambique, which suggested last Friday that the government should freeze the salary increases and suspend the 13th month salary in 2018, as a measure to alleviate the imbalance of country’s public expenditure.

From the press conference called to repudiate the measure, the OTM argued that better wages and working conditions stimulate the economy and improve the working environment.

The CTA, the country’s largest employers’ association, also suggested last week that the government needs to make reforms, which includes freezing automatic promotions for civil servants, to address imbalances in public spending.

“We categorically reject the attack on the fundamental rights of civil servants and workers. The CTA’s intentions and proposals will destabilize the productive sector and cause restrictions on the country’s economy,” said Alexandre Munguambe, the general secretary of the OTM.

Munguambe defends in the names of the workers that the cost of the crisis the country is going through should not be paid in this way and that other strategies which involve the whole society should be devised.

The general secretary threatened to “organize a strike”, “if the government opts for this strategy” .

According to the local press, the government’s position is that it wants to have employees motivated. “Wherever possible, we will pay the 13th salary; we are working to make that happen,” said Minister of Economy and Finance Adriano Maleiane on Monday.

Source: Angola Press News Agency