MUEDA, MOZAMBIQUE– Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday launched a new water supply programme, known as Pravida (Water for Life Programme), an investment which will cost about 4.8 billion meticais (about 80 million US dollars).

Pravida is intended to rehabilitate and expand water systems in towns and cities across the country, including the Greater Maputo region, and cities such as Beira, Pemba, Nacala, and Cuamba.

Smaller towns and districts covered include Chibuto, Massangena, Chigubo and Chicualauala in Gaza province, Mabote, Jangamo, Homoine and Morrumbene in Inhambane, and Mueda in Cabo Delgado. More than a million people are expected to benefit from the programme.

Nyusi launched the programme in Mueda, in the coutry’s far north, more than 2,600 kilometres north east of here, as the area has been suffering from a chronic shortage of water for many years, because of the complex hydro-geology of the region.

Nyusi stressed that the programme will be implemented with funds from Mozambique’s own state budget and added that the integrated programme should have multiplier effects on health, education and agriculture.

In health, improved supply of clean drinking water should reduce the incidence of water-borne diseases, while in agriculture it will guarantee the irrigation of more than 1,800 hectares of crops, and provide drinking water for ,ore than 73,000 head of livestock.

In education, it is expected that the programme will not only provide drinking water to schools, but will also cut the distance pupils (mostly girls) have to walk in order to obtain water for their households. Pupils often miss classes or are delayed because they have been fetching water. In some semi-arid areas this can involve walking for more than ten km.

Pravida will be added value for speedily achieving the dream of our government of making enough good quality water available to meet the challenges of the sustainable socio-economic development of Mozambique, said the President.