MAPUTO, Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has lashed out at illicit charges in health units, carelessness in matters of hygiene, and failure of health workers to turn up at their posts on time as practices which are not compatible with medical professions.

Addressing an extraordinary session of the Consultative Council of the Ministry of Health here Wednesday, he said abuses such as illicit charges had been proven, but it is possible to end these practices if the managers work on the ground.

Get out of your offices and go and fight corruption,” Nyusi told senior Ministry staff. They could also check on problems of cleanliness, and on cases of doctors who are not at work, but are receiving their wages, the president added.

He warned that if they did not leave their offices and see what was happening, then he would, and that will discredit you.

Why is the hospital dirty, when we have cleaners?. Why do we have doctors who are not in the hospital when we are paying them?, he asked.

Prior to the meeting, Nyusi had visited the central medical stores, the health research centre in the Polana Canico neighbourhood and Maputo Central Hospital. He considered security at these places to be lax.

I came with a battalion of people, including journalists, but nobody told us how we should behave inside the central medical stores. There were only a small number of fire extinguishers. But this is a place which should serve as an example of how things are protected. The same is true of the vaccine research sector in Polana Canico and in some areas of the Central Hospital itself, he added.