Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has urged the population of Metarica district in the northernmost province of Niassa to use the forestry and wildlife resources of the region in a sustainable manner.

Speaking at a rally in Namacunde locality on Tuesday, Nyusi said the Niassa Reserve, the largest conservation area in the country, was rich in trees and fauna, and must be protected and preserved, in order to avoid environmental degradation.

He noted that while the southern provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane were in the grip of a severe drought, in Metarica it had rained heavily because the environment had been protected. “The wealth has to be exploited in an equitable fashion, so that the environment is not damaged, and Metarica does not suffer from a lack of rain, as happens in the south,” he added.

Nyusi urged farmers in the district to use tractors to increase the area under cultivation, and consequently boost production and productivity.

“Metarica is producing, but it needs to produce still more, so you have to use the new technologies,” he said. He explained that the Portuguese company Joao Ferreira dos Santos was renting out tractors to peasant farmers, who did not have to pay for this service immediately.

Source: Nam News Network