Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has briefed Daviz Simango, leader of the country’s second largest opposition party, the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), on the latest developments in the peace talks between the government and the rebel movement, Renamo, which is also the main opposition party.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting here Monday, Simango said it was important for the MDM to be informed and there was no better way of achieving this than a direct approach to hear from the President himself.

The audience, he said, was an opportunity “for us to know, in a clear and direct way, of the contacts that the Head of State has had with Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama. We learnt that there was a further contact between the two of them this morning”.

“We are very pleased about this because, as a political party represented in parliament, we have to communicate with Mozambicans about this peace process and make our contribution,” said Simango.

He added that Nyusi had briefed him about the working groups being set up (on decentralization, and on military matters), on the figures who are being invited to take part and on what will happen in the immediate future.

“It was agreed that we shall regularly, and at first hand, have the opportunity to accompany up close the initiatives of the President of the Republic,” said Simango. “Our concern is that an agreement reached between just two forces is not the fairest and most correct way of representing the interests of Mozambicans.”

He added that, during the meeting, Nyusi made it clear that the final solution must be approved by the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.

“It is up to the political parties to follow closely the initiatives of the Head of State so that when the matter comes to the Assembly, the MDM is in possession of the necessary information so that it can make its contribution,” said Simango.

He believed a window was opening for the MDM to make its contribution directly and for its voice to be heard. “We shall be informed of what is happening in the working groups through exhaustive information, and we shall have the opportunity to contribute,” he said.