MAPUTO, Mozambique’s Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Leticia Klemens, has urged the country’s State-owned electricity company, EDM, to step up production, while encouraging public and private investment in electricity generation projects.

Klemens also wants to see further inter-connections with other countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which will enable EDM to export any surplus electricity. She was speaking at the opening of a seminar here Monday on drafting the country’s Energy Integrated Master Plan, covering the period from 2018 to 2043.

This master plan, Klemens said, should allow the vast energy resources that Mozambique possesses, including the enormous hydro-power potential, the reserves of natural gas and coal, and renewable sources, to make the country a point of reference for energy production in the region and in the world, with tangible benefits for its citizens.

Like the government’s energy policy and strategy, now being updated, the master plan should cover increased access to electricity inside the country, the contribution of electricity to industrialization and the export of power to improve Mozambique’s balance of payments, she said.

The master plan should also provide the key information necessary to mobilize finance for its implementation and should be a catalyst for the involvement of private business in power generation. This could be achieved through identifying and prioritizing projects, including defining terms and conditions for independent energy producers, Klemens added.

Alongside technical and economic aspects, the Minister said, the master plan should pay due attention to staff training and to institutional capacity building, given the fulcral role of human resources in implementing electricity projects.