MAPUTO, Mozambican Prime Minster Carlos Agostinho do Rosario has stressed the importance of employers investing more in improving Occupational safety and health (OSH) conditions in the workplace.

Addressing a national conference on Health and Safety at Work here last week, Rosario added that workers for their part should follow rules on safety and protection strictly.

We hope that this event will serve as a platform for sharing sector experiences, in the framework of setting up and maintaining hygiene and safety conditions at work, seeking to prevent accidents and professional illnesses, said Rosario, who re-affirmed the government’s commitment to promoting activities that make workplaces safer and more decent.

That meant improving health and safety norms, and enforcing them though adequate inspection, he told the conference, adding that in 2016 there were 495 reported work accidents. The real number could be considerably higher, since it is believed that many accidents were not reported.

The Prime Minister added that the government would continue to ratify international conventions on occupational safety and health, to ensure that the Mozambican legal framework is in line with good international practices.

Labour Minister Vitoria Diogo launched a collection of labour legislation, and a manual of procedures and a code of conduct for labour inspectors with the that when employers and workers, as well as the public at large can find all labour legislation systematised and compiled into a single volume, that will facilitate consulting and applying the laws.

With the manual of procedures and code of conduct, we are attempting to standardize the behavior of inspectors, and ensure that the bodies being inspected know what to expect from inspectors, she said.